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Personal Spaces

Studio E174 offers personal spaces for makers & artists. Not just jewellers

Current residents:

Nicola Rowsell: Illustrator & Image Maker:

Nikki’s Owls

Alfred Foden: Jeweller – details to follow.

Past Residents & Alumni:

Loucinda Nimms: Silversmith:

Loucinda Nimms. Silversmith

Sarah Abrahams: Jeweller:

Furniture Magpies: Nessa Doran O’Reilly: Up-cycled furniture:

Sam – Magpie

Louise Walker: Silversmith & Jeweller:

Contour Vermeil Triple Ring

Mahlin Ohlsson: Jeweller:

Image result for mahlin ohlsson jeweller

Lucian Taylor: Silversmith: co-founder of E174. 2010-15:

Image result for lucian taylor silversmith