Loucinda Nimms WINNER!
Caddy Spoon Competition

The Society of Caddy Spoon Collectors recently ran a competition for the design & making of a Caddy Spoon.

Loucinda Nimms, resident at Studio E174, won the competition and is seen here with John Gibbons, secretary of the Society, being presented with her certificate. We had a lovely afternoon at the Studio, and as well as a cash prize, Loucinda now has 20 commissions for her spoon!



There is a leopard in town!

The Studio now has it’s own hallmark from The London Goldsmith’s Assay Office.

It is a laser mark & all working at the Studio are welcome to use it.

This also means that anyone studying at the Studio will be eligible to apply for their own free laser mark, under the ‘student package’ that the Goldsmiths Assay Office offer

The Studio just got more cryptic! ‘E174’ is the number for silver food colouring: The Hall don’t allow numbers on Hallmarks, so we decided EOSF was the only way – apparently nothing to do with silver anymore!

If you would like to use either the Studio mark or to register your own mark, you will need verification of your attendance of classes at the Studio.

Please email Elizabeth for all further info.